Thomas Rom and his construction company with 19 employees started using 24onoff back in 2015. Now they are in complete control of every timesheet and every project, making it easier to invoice their clients at a steady rate. 

– A rising number of employees and handwritten timesheets made invoicing and salary payments a time consuming process, says manager Thomas Rom. – In addition, it was difficult to stay on top of the number of hours spent on any given project. We had to check every timesheet manually for the duration of a project, and then summarize to see our total. An incredibly laborious activity, costing us precious time which could be better spent on other aspects of the business.

Byggmester Thomas Rom, Daglig leder Bygg 1 Lyngdal.
Manager Thomas Rom and his company have been using 24onoff time tracking since 2015.

An easy system for everyone

Introducing a new system in the workplace can be a challenge. It’s important that the system is more or less self-explanatory, without the need for training. It should be easier than writing on a piece of paper, which is why Thomas and his employees got a great start with 24onoff.

– We were looking for an easy-to-use time tracking system that our carpenters, temps and office workers could use with ease, as well as a system that gave us summarized data for any given time period on a specific client or project, for faster and easier invoicing to our clients. It just had to be easy, and 24onoff delivered.

Time and money saved

When every timesheet is delivered in the same format, without the need for interpretation of handwriting, ready to be exported at the touch of a button, it’s safe to say that a sizeable amount of time and money are saved every year.

– Every employee upload timesheets that are understandable and automatically sorted. They spend less time tracking their hours, the office spend no time at all doing salary payments and invoicing. Every worker on every project is accounted for, easily extracted when and where we need it. Also, the PDF-attachments we send to our clients look more tidy and professional.

Every worker on every project is accounted for, easily extracted when and where we need it.

30 day free trial without limitations

You only need an email to start a 30 day trial period, and everyone in the company can try the system without limitations.

– The trialperiod was a great way for everyone to get to know the system without any obligations or automatic subscriptions. We were in control the whole time. The support was really helpful as well. With the online chat function, any questions we had were quickly answered.

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Save precious time with efficient time tracking

Keep track of every billable minute in an easy, efficient and orderly manner with the help of 24onoff for web and smartphones.