Manager Andre Lie and his company of five employees have been using 24onoff time tracking since 2013. Increased access to smartphones in collaboration with the easy-to-use app from 24onoff has made their workday faster and more efficient.

No hours lost with 24onoff at hand
No hours lost with 24onoff at hand

– We were looking for a system that could make our days easier, both for my
employees and for me as a manager. It was apparent that having to register and deliver our hours with handwritten timesheets was a time-consuming hassle, and billing our customers took a long while because I had to wait for every timesheet to make it to the office.

Fredrikstad Trebygg does everything in house construction, cabins and refurbishing, and on busy days with a full workload, trips back to the office to deliver, register and process timesheets was often the last priority. With 24onoff available on their phones, that is no longer an issue.

– Now, we are in complete control. Everybody has their phones with the 24onoff-app installed, which they use to register their hours and minutes at the end of the day or as soon as the job is done. It’s a very quick and accessible process.

Free trialperiod proved successful

– I looked at a couple of other systems before, but chose 24onoff because it was very easy to use, the price was low, and the process with the trialperiod and system in general was so straightforward and easy in every aspect.

Better for the clients

The office is always available with a cloud-based system
The office is always available with a cloud-based system

Andre can easily view and download summarized timesheets at the touch of a button, or send a PDF-report to a client directly from the system. No information is lost or left at the office, as it is cloud-based and accessible at any computer.

– The timesheets for every client and project are updated automatically, and we can bill our clients immediately when a job is finished. No more sorting through papers and waiting till the end of the month, Andre continues. – We use the PDF-reports as supporting documents when we bill our client. It’s lifted our professionalism to another level, and it helps the client understand and trust our process.

Easy to get started

– It was important for us that the system we chose was easy to use, while giving us the information we need, to make our workdays easier. 24onoff has delivered on every aspect, Andre says in closing.

Easy to get started,no training needed

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